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About the Pottery
Mudpuppies offers a wide variety of functional wares from mugs and spoon rests to large dinner sets and soup tureens.  Using a mid-range stoneware clay, each piece is fired to over 2200 degrees to create a durable pot made to be used on a daily basis and enjoyed for many years.  Each piece is hand thrown on the potter's wheel or hand-built solely by the potter. Great attention is given toward fine craftsmanship and detail and each piece is complimented by a selection of beautiful one-of-a-kind glazes. 

All pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Our signature glazes have taken years to perfect! A complex layering process is used to create our unique variegated colors.

We offer 4 custom glaze options to suit a range of color palettes...

Starry Night Blue
Copper Canyon
Amber Breeze
Starry Night Blue - A striking variegated deep blue with hints of browns and greens.

Copper Canyon - A two tone salmon/copper glaze with a complimenting gold overlay.

Amber- A beautiful neutral glaze with hues of browns and creams and hints of green and plumb.

Cayman Sand - We are excited to introduce our newest glaze! A variagated seafoam green over a speckled cream base!  Pictures coming soon!